Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2012

Despite all of the ups and downs of 2011, I’m somewhat sad to see it go.  BUT! 2012 holds hope and promise and excitement.  Last year was great, in the sense that I got a fantastic job that I loved, met a great group of co-workers who became my friends, and enjoyed seeing my son grow up and become just that much more independent.  I spent at least half of the year studying and taking tests, which turned out to be the most challenging I have ever attempted.  I ended up getting my Series 7 and 63, but didn’t pass the 24 and as a result, lost my job (the certification was a condition of the offer letter).  That means I begin 2012 job hunting.  I’m at (yet another!) crossroads, where I can choose a path different to what I’ve done in the past.  I’m well and truly sick of retail banking, not quite cut out for investment banking, and really want to get into communications and/or a project management role, which I truly love.  I’m considering taking some courses in order to get a certificate; at least, the research is under way.  We’ll see.  On the bright side, I can’t really complain since there are so many people out of work.  I’m very lucky to have a spouse who earns enough that my losing this job doesn’t put us into immediate desperation.  That fact takes a huge amount of stress away.

In other news, like most folks, I’d like to start off the year with some resolutions.  I think in order to actually stick with them, though, they will be more about actions/behaviors instead of the results I want to achieve.  So, I’m going to start by saying I want to eat healthier and do some form of exercise at least every other day.  I know, not super lofty, but if I start off slowly and am practical, then I’m more likely to stick with this and ramp up the plan instead of starting off strong and then slowly going backwards.  That seems to be the main reason most people “give up” when they start something.  They’re all gung-ho and then at the first failure, throw their hands up and just say “forget it!” because they made it too hard.  Not sure if my thinking is silly, but it’s what I’m going to stick with for now and my plan is to add little tick marks when I do something good so I can focus on the positive instead of beating myself up for the bad things, so I’ll probably have  little “Twitter-style” posts for those.  Or, hell, maybe I’ll just use Twitter.

At any rate, here’s to the new year – I’ve got high hopes!

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