New computer!

January 3rd, 2012

Sort of.  Hubby built me a new computer so I could finally move on from this laptop.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine laptop, but it’s just a tiny bit too slow and well, it hasn’t been on any trips in a long, long time.  So instead of trying to use this little fellow as my desktop, hubby just went ahead and built one.  Our garage and “computer area” is like a fossil area for old computer bits and pieces.  Comes in really handy when a friend or family member gives the old, “sooo, I’ve got a little problem with my computer, would you mind having a look?!” – which he gets all. the. time.  He’s (usually) a great sport about it and will spend countless hours helping others fix their issues.  He frequently will dig into the many boxes and find just the right piece of equipment or part that someone needs and solve their problem.  We contemplated just buying me a new computer, but after shopping for one, the prices were crazy for what you get, and hubby is all about “future-proofing” the computers, so unfortunately, being able to expand in the future just wasn’t in the cards for most of these cases.

Hubby has been on vacation over the holidays and yesterday was his last day before going back to work today and he spent ALL DAY building the thing for me (how sweet is that?!).  So now, I have to migrate some of my things from the laptop over and then I’ll be in business.  For Christmas, hubby bought me a little scanner, like the kind you use for receipts, so I can organize myself for the new year.  Don’t worry, I asked for it, so it wasn’t some “lame husband” gift that folks sometimes get.  I’m actually really excited about digitizing my receipts and getting RID of all of the paper needed to run our lives.  Since I have extra time now while I’m looking for another job, I will be able to get everything scanned and get ready for our taxes and shred/recycle the mounds of paperwork. Yea!

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