Job Hunting

February 18th, 2012

I’ve been job hunting for a couple of months now (well, going on three soon) and it’s tough out there.  Spending 5-6 hours looking for a job is pretty hard on the psyche and it’s very easy to get into a downward spiral of feeling of not being qualified for anything.  The conventional wisdom is that relying on internet searches is a waste of time and most “real” jobs occur via networking.  I’ve tried to embrace this idea by enriching my Linkedin profile, connections and groups.  I’ve also reached out directly to folks I think might be able to help me in my search, but so far, nothing has panned out.

Part of the issue, in my opinion, is that I have a rather choppy employment past that ranges from senior manager level to mid manager level and everything in between.  Moving from the US to Australia and back again has caused more issues and surviving two mergers with three companies in five years also has been a problem.  Each merger required me to “start over” and try to build up my credit with the new management and it was like a never ending hamster wheel.  The best move I made was the last one, but unfortunately, the testing killed me and that dream was over.

The difficult decision becomes do I go back to the “safety” of retail banking, something I know I can get a job in fairly easily, or do I hold out for something at a higher level?  Also, I’ve been really interested in exploring something closer to my degree in communications, but then you’re looking at more entry level jobs since I don’t possess the years of experience most companies are looking for.

Taking a step in a new direction, I’m paying to have my resume professionally written.  It’s costing a chunk of change, but after using friends as editors in the past, I think having a completely fresh look from someone who doesn’t know me or anything about my work history will help to bring out the skills and experience that I can’t see.  Using friends has meant a certain bias as well, since they know my personality and are surely projecting that into how they see the resume, which might be “pigeon-holing” me into certain roles or industries.  I’m expecting to see the draft next week and I’m very excited.  Taking a chance on this really helping to get me interviews, I’ve been in a holding pattern of applying for jobs, just collecting them and waiting.  Of course, they could be filled or removed in the meantime, but hopefully the new resume and cover letter will breathe life into my searching.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending my downtime reading a lot of online articles on management, leadership, etc. in an effort to improve myself.  I’ve found a few really good articles and reading them and trying to take bits and pieces make me feel as it I’m not just wasting my time all day.

Here are a couple of articles I’ve really enjoyed:

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